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Adding a Left Navigation Menu in a Page Layout

Sometimes you are presented with a SharePoint design and you think, yeah that will work just fine. Once you have the design in hand and start the branding process you come across an issue that you didn’t give enough thought to on how it might be implemented in SharePoint. I love these little gotcha moments! […]

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Suggested Reading from our Responsive Web Design Presentation

Here are the links that I listed in our presentation on Responsive Web Design at the 2013 SharePoint Evolutions Conference in London. There are many more blog posts that I have bookmarked, but I think you will be able to read through these posts and decide what you find helpful. I do recommend checking out A Book Apart […]

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Sticky Top Nav SharePoint 2010

Navigation in SharePoint is definitely a branding pain point. The code improved with 2010, but it was still missing something. Selected Parent with Drop Down When you have a parent item selected, it keeps the selected state as you hover over the child links in the drop down. Hovered Parent Item with Drop Down Now when you hover over another parent item the hover state […]

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The importance of keeping the SharePoint:DelegateControl TreeViewAndDataSource in your SharePoint 2010 Master Page

Here is another gotcha when creating a custom master page. At times you might want to remove delegate controls that you are not using in a custom master page. Here is one delegate control that will make a difference if it’s not in your master page. <SharePoint:DelegateControl runat=”server” ControlId=”TreeViewAndDataSource”> In the v4.master this is part of the […]

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How to properly hide ContentPlaceHolders in your SharePoint 2010 Master Page

Recently I had a friend ask me to help him with an issue on a page layout they were having.  When he opened the page in SharePoint designer and went to edit the page layout, he saw this message. The first thing I did was have him search the master page for TitleInTitleArea, since that did […]

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Customizing the search box in SharePoint 2010

In this blog post I will show you how to customize the search area in the header of your custom master page. Since this site is for an intranet, I started by making a copy of the v4.master and renaming that copy. You could also use the Starter Master Page, by Randy Drisgill on CodePlex. When […]

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