Twitter for SharePoint?

For those of you that are in an organization where you are blocked from using Twitter, this could be for you.  Daniel McPherson just added a post to his blog ( about Twitter for SharePoint.

Here’s some teaser info straight from his blog….

How it works…

  • It integrates with the “My Colleagues” functionality which you can find on your MOSS “My site”. This integration means that you “Follow” anyone you make your “Colleague”.
  • When you want to send someone a message you use the normal “@<person>” syntax. The current version defaults to using your Windows Account Name (without the domain)
  • Its a “Site” based feature which you can activate wherever you like. So it could be part of your “My Site” or it could sit on a “Twitter hub” in its own dedicated Web Application.

Here is the link to Daniels blog post in it’s entirety.

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